Fire department


Every day, brave men and women around the world perform their service in the fire department, often putting their lives and health at risk.

That is why the working conditions such as operator comfort, safety and, as one of the most important criteria, should include clean, unpolluted breathing air.

Such an investment requires state-of-the-art technology, durability and robustness. IDE currently defines the state of the art in terms of performance with maximum energy efficiency.

IDE Compressors is able to provide these emergency services with the best and purest breathing air imaginable according to DIN EN 12021:2014 and ISO 8573-2010, because these reliable, powerful and energy-efficient compressors can with the integrated Breathing air quality monitoring Airsave Ultimate can be supplied with sensors (partially optional) for CO, CO2, O2, OIL, AEROSOLS, SO2, NO2, WATER, COMBUSTIBLE GASES, PRESSURE DEW POINT and TEMPERATURE.

IDE-AIRSAVE ULTIMATE is considered one of the most advanced air quality monitors with the most extensive sensor equipment worldwide.

Preferred compressors and accessories

  • BAVARIA PRO | Portable- Stationary
  • TMI MARINE | Stationary, Compact
  • TVCO Series | Stationary, powerful
  • TVCS Series | stationary, powerful, whisper-quiet 67 db(A)
  • FILLSAVE 600| safety filling box
  • SPEICHER Attachments | - 500 bars
  • HMI Control | most modern control
  • AIRSAVE ULTIMATE | air quality monitoring