State-of-the-art compressor and filling system control that helps save energy and thus contribute to environmental protection. A highly sensitive scratch-resistant GFG 7" glass resistive touch screen with intuitive functional design.

Our compressors will be equipped with this control from the 2017 model series.



  • Computerized electronic can-bus control with scratch-resistant 7" GFG touch screen
  • Language selection: English, French, German, Spanish (more languages to follow)
  • Monitoring and control of the infinitely adjustable final pressure on the display, the infinitely adjustable restart pressure
  • Switching between manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation
  • Control and monitoring of the automatic condensate drain system
  • Control and monitoring of the automatic CO2 flushing system
  • Monitoring the level of lubricating oil in the crankcase
  • Star/delta motor control and monitoring
  • Safety valve test, condensate valve test, performance test, leakage test
  • Breathing air dryer cartridge change interval monitoring with shutdown
  • Monitoring the intake air filter change intervals
  • Monitoring of the load change cycles of the filter and separator housings
  • Monitoring of oil filter change intervals with switchover to time-limited emergency operation and shutdown after emergency runtime has elapsed
  • Monitoring of oil change intervals with switchover to time-limited emergency operation and shutdown after the emergency runtime has elapsed
  • Recording of operating hours with logging of normal operating hours, emergency operating hours with emergency operating reason
  • Automatic resumption of operation after power failure
  • Allocation of service codes with assignment of authorizations for operators and technicians by means of optional transponder reader



  • of amperes during operation to avoid damage to the equipment
  • the direction of rotation (phase sequence)

Control and monitoring

  • the stepless motor speed (filling speed)
  • of the temperatures of all compressor stages
  • the pressure of all compressor stages
  • of the oil pressure and the oil temperature in the lubricating oil circuit
  • the temperature in the compressor room
  • the temperature in the compressor silent cabin
  • of the level in the condensate collection tank
  • a downstream priority fill control Priority Fill
  • of a downstream COOL & DRY refrigeration dryer
  • the AIRSAVE ULTIMATE air quality monitoring system
  • the Fill-CONTROL with data logger and printer


  • of all operating data of the compressor
  • of air quality monitoring
  • the Fill-Control with data retrieval via W-Lan and USB in CSV format

Error messages via SMS to freely assignable telephone or cell phone numbers

Easy software update via USB stick