Semi-Silent Professional high-pressure breathing air compressor, noise-reduced version 84 dbA (also available as a tropical version).

In response to numerous customer requests for a smaller stationary filling system, we have a new one TFI model added to our portfolio. An absolutely robust, reliable and low-maintenance professional filling system with an excellent performance balance and energy efficiency. And the best thing: we are the only manufacturer in the world to offer a 3-year guarantee.

Frame and cabin:

  • 2 - 4 mm powder-coated sheet steel. Color: RAL 9005. Maintenance-friendly flaps on both sides.
  • Noise insulation through heat- and oil-resistant special insulation 20 mm, decoupled from the floor using shock absorbers.
  • Compressor unit and drive unit decoupled from the base frame using oscillating elements.

Technical data compressor unit:

  • Air liter output: 320 l/min = 19.2m³ - 11.3 CFM
  • maximum working pressure: 420 bar
  • Revolutions / Min. 1580
  • Compressor block, completely made of aluminum with aluminum cylinders.
  • Safety valves after each compressor stage.
  • Type-tested and TÜV-tested ultimate pressure safety valve.
  • Robust rolling bearings (not ball bearings)
  • Cylinder liners made of aluminum with NICASIL coating.
  • 3 compressor stage with free-flight pistons and special piston rings.
  • Intercooler lines made from special stainless steel alloys.
  • Micronic intake filter


  • Double lubrication with maintenance-free low-pressure oil pump with metal micro-particle oil filter as well as sling pin lubrication with two counter-rotating oil sling pins, oil volume 2 liters

Air-gas treatment:

  • Micronic intake air filter, intermediate separator after 1st, 2nd and 3rd compressor stage, 5 liter collecting container.
  • FT 410 three-stage breathing air dryer system, dryer capacity approx. 1200 m³ at 20° C filter wall temperature.
  • The dryer saturation is monitored using Airsave PRO E, a moisture sensor integrated into the filter cartridge for dryer cartridge monitoring in the dryer housing.
  • Optionally, the air quality can be monitored using AIRSAVE ULTIMATE, a monitoring system integrated into the compressor for dryer cartridge monitoring in the dryer housing, absolute humidity in mg/m³, dew point, CO content, CO² content and O² content of the compressed gas and controls the compressor.
  • An oil sensor can also be optionally switched on for all oils, including residual oils up to 0.001 mg/m³.
  • The ambient air to be sucked in can also be optionally monitored for CO2, SO2 NO and flammable gases. Cylinder arrangement: W shape
  • Intermediate separator 1, final separator 1
  • Safety valves for each compression level


  • Low pressure gear oil pump with oil filter + additional sling pin lubrication


  • IDE HMI- High ERfficient, control
  • Monitor. u Controlling the final pressure, which can be infinitely adjusted on the display,
  • Control and monitoring of the automatic condensate drain system,
  • the level of the lubricating oil in the crankcase,
  • Control and monitoring of the star/delta motor control,
  • optional monitoring of the breathing air dryer cartridge change intervals with shutdown,
  • Monitoring the amps during operation to avoid damage to the system,
  • the direction of rotation (phase sequence),
  • the temperature in the compressor silent cabin,
  • optional - control and monitoring by AIRSAVE ULTIMATE air quality monitoring.


  • Asynchronous three-phase motor IE3 400 V, 50 Hz, 5.5 kW, B3 IP 55, taper drive belt pulley with SPA V-belt.

Filling system:

  • 2 filling hoses with ventable safety filling connections DIN 300 bar

Accessories included:

  • Dryer housing key, detailed operating manual, parts manual, compressor log book, compressor filling book, declaration of conformity.
  • Certificates for safety valves, hoses, separators, dryer unit, air quality and leak testing.
  • Dryer cartridges 1 x FT 410 A
  • Dimensions: LWH 1100 x 720 x 900 mm, weight approx. 190 kg.
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