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The TVCCF is the latest model from our company and can be operated with a pressure of 150-420 bar - can be ordered with an air liter capacity of 400-850 L/min.

The complete filling system impresses with its comfortable, intuitive control and particularly easy, safe handling. Unrivaled maintenance-friendliness, since the complete compressor unit with the filter towers can be pulled out to the front for filter cartridge replacement or compressor service and maintenance. The entire cabin is soundproof and even the most powerful version does not reach 70 db(A).

A safety filling box with three filling stations integrated into the system protects against bottle bursting during the filling process. During their construction, particular importance was attached to safe and comfortable handling. To make handling even easier and safer, the box opens and closes electrically and fully automatically using a special safety switch. The bottles are placed in the safety filling box at a height of 80 cm and connected without any effort. The filling box is completely depressurized for loading and unloading. Only after closing the front door is the box pressurized and the filling process can be started.

The complete system including the safety filling box is controlled with the IDE TCC HMI Control. The TCC HMI control is currently considered to be the most modern, fully electronic Can-Bus control with a 7" Gorilla Glass color touchscreen.
Brackets for three 50L are integrated in the base frame of the system.

The complete system includes three 50 liter intermediate storage bottles with either 350 or (optionally 450 bar) working pressure with integrated priority filling control.

Best air quality

The breathing air quality corresponds to all internationally known standards, in particular DIN EN 12021:2014, and ISO 8573 class II as well as the regulations for medical air. With this system, which is unique in Europe, breathing air devices can be filled absolutely safely in the shortest possible quick filling time permitted by the bottle manufacturer and the user can be absolutely sure that the inhaled air is of the very best quality.


  • Cylinders of all stages made of cast iron or aluminum with cast iron liners.
  • Optimum performance values due to intercooler made of stainless steel.
  • Low-maintenance filling valves with safety filling connections and/or highly flexible filling hoses with safety filling tubes.
  • Fittings on all pressurized lines designed with up to 4-fold safety.


Breathing air in accordance with international standards, when used and maintained as intended in accordance with the manual and the use of a CO2 pre-filter if the CO2 concentration in the intake air is above the limit value.


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  • Project-related, cost-oriented consulting in close cooperation with the customer.