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Portable, powerful breathing air compressor

Portable, powerful breathing air compressor in an extremely robust, stable powder-coated frame with foldable transport handles, as a system solution for compressing gases, especially breathing air. With its DIESEL or petrol engine and its extremely robust frame, this compressor is made for the toughest professional operating conditions.


  • Cylinders of all levels made of gray cast iron or aluminum with gray cast iron liners.
  • Optimum performance values due to intercooler made of stainless steel.
  • Low-maintenance filling valves with safety filling connections and/or highly flexible filling hoses with safety filling tubes.
  • Fittings on all pressurized lines designed with up to 4-fold safety.


Breathing air in accordance with international standards, when used and maintained as intended in accordance with the manual and the use of a CO2 pre-filter if the CO2 concentration in the intake air is above the limit value.


  • Service and contract partner with spare parts supply in 20 countries.
  • Extensive training and education offerings for your technical education and training.
  • Project-related, cost-oriented consulting in close cooperation with the customer.