Many years of experience and extensive expertise make IDE Compressors one of the leading suppliers of high pressure compressors and nitrox generators for marine and offshore applications.

Starting air compressors for starting the ship's propulsion system, as breathing air compressors to supply the fire extinguishing systems on ships and scuba divers on cruise ships, as well as to supply hyperbaric pressure chambers and fire extinguishing systems on offshore installations. Nitrox generators for the production of nitrox, to supply the divers directly or high-pressure compression of nitrox in storage cylinders. 

IDE Compressors is able to provide these emergency services with the best and purest breathing air imaginable according to DIN EN 12021:2014 and ISO 8573-2010, because these reliable, powerful and energy-efficient compressors can with the integrated Breathing air quality monitoring Airsave Ultimate can be supplied with sensors (partially optional) for CO, CO2, O2, OIL, AEROSOLS, SO2, NO2, WATER, COMBUSTIBLE GASES, PRESSURE DEW POINT and TEMPERATURE.

IDE-AIRSAVE ULTIMATE is considered one of the most advanced air quality monitors worldwide with the most extensive range of sensors.

– all this shows the enormous expertise of IDE Compressors.

Preferred compressors
Preferred accessories
  • BAVARIA PRO | Portable, powerful, comfortable basic features
  • TMI MARINE Series | Professional, stainless steel frame, on-board use
  • TVCO Series | Stationary, powerful, robust, durable
  • TVCS Series | Stationary, powerful, robust, durable, whisper-quiet (67 db(A))
  • TVCC Series | Diesel-powered, powerful, robust crash frame (suitable for cranes)
  • Airsave Pro, Ultimate
  • Filling ramps
  • Storage solutions
  • Nitrox membrane generator