AirSave Pro E

Breathing air quality according to DIN EN 12021:2014

State-of-the-art electronic compressor and dryer saturation control, which permanently monitors the saturation level of the dryer cartridges via a capacitive sensor in the dryer cartridge.

Suitable dryer systems: FT 310 / 410 / 610 / 810 / 910.

With advance warning of impending shutdown when cartridge is ordered and automatic shutdown when cartridge is fully saturated. The cartridge status is approached via a 7" LCD color display.

When the saturation limit is approached, an optical alarm is given; when the final saturation is reached, an optical alarm is given again and the compressor is switched off. After this, the compressor can be restarted and goes into a so-called emergency mode, in which the available reserve is used up. During this emergency period, a new cartridge can be organized. The various states and parameters are permanently displayed on the LCD display. 

The device can be integrated into any commercial compressor system. The air quality parameters comply with DIN EN 12021 and all internationally applicable standards for breathing air quality.

AIRSAVE PRO also monitors and controls the compressor, e.g. operating hours, oil change intervals, and service and maintenance intervals.

The unit is delivered ready mounted on the compressor or with mounting material and tools for installation or mounting on existing compressor units.