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IDE-GEFI Softstart

Start-up current limiter for compressors, so that fuses do not blow out at start-up

The inrush current limiter avoids the mechanical stress and electrical load when the machine is switched on.

This protects bearings, gears, belts, and electrical equipment such as switches, relays, etc.

The service life and maintenance intervals are extended.

The electrical function can be compared with a mechanical valve.

When the machine is turned on, the valve is not fully open. The normally 6 - 10 times higher inrush current cannot arise.

After switching on the machine, the valve opens slowly, so that the machine then operates at full power.

Technical data:

  • for machines up to 3500 W
  • splash-proof plastic housing and sockets
  • built-in test function lamp
  • 2 sockets: one for power-on current limiting, -the other with function like household socket for less powerful machines, such as drill or hand lamp.
  • Operating voltage: 220-230 Volt / 50, 60 Hz
  • fully electronic, i.e. no wearable part such as relays.

Suitable also for capacitor motors