IDE Compressors
nitrox generator-cn300
Nitrox production, simple, fast and safe.

Simple commissioning, easy operation, cost-effective
Provides low pressure nitrox from 21- 40% oxygen content.
Much more cost-effective and effortless than mixing by the partial pressure method
CN300 is precisely matched to the TVCS compressors, but can also be connected to most high-pressure compressors from the well-known other manufacturers.
The screw compressor guarantees quiet operation and low maintenance requirements
IDE Nitrox membrane system with two O2 meters
Automatic shutdown in case of overpressure or too high temperature
Automatic condensate drain
Refrigeration dryer for longer dryer service life
High efficiency low pressure 3-fold
Microprocessor control of the inlet pressure, temperature and maintenance intervals of the dryers and LP compressor.

Height 123 cm (48.4 in), width 124 cm (48.8 in).
Depth 84 cm (33.5 in), weight 345 kg (760 lb)

Drive power:
7.5 kW (10 hp), 400V/ 50 Hz 16 A

Output power:
Capacity at 10 bar (145 psi) 1000 L/min ( 35.3 cfm)

Working pressure 7.5 - 12 bar (108-175 psi)
Suction volume 200 - 900 L/min (7 -32 scfm)
Working temperature 42°C +/-3°C (108°F +/- 5°F)

Delivery performance:
FAD EAN 40% 300 L/min (10.6 cfm)
FAD EAN 36% 380 L/min (14.8 cfm)
FAD EAN 32% 600 L/min (18.4 cfm).