IDE Compressors

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS/ Delivery and payment conditions

(for orders /Deliveries at German speaking business room only the German version is valid)


All Deliveries take place exclusively due to of our following General Terms of business- Delivery- and Terms of payment, if nothing overleaf other has been agreed. Other Reading Conditions become not Contract Content, even if we offer you not expressly object. Deviating agreements and Side agreements with our Representatives are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing be Understand offers always subject to change without notice and have a Binding period of maximum2 months, if nothing been agreed otherwise is. Delivery possibility in all Cases reserved. Orders are only created by our written Confirmation binding.


The customer can both via our internet presence as well as by fax, or on postal Ways its Place order. The Representation of the Assortment at our Internet pages presents No offer at Senses from § 145 BGB (German Civil Code). With this order becomes through the Customers a Offer in. Sense from § 145 BGB dispensed. The Customer receives a Confirmation of the Input his Order either per Mail or per Post. The Contract comes materialize, when we as the Contractor the Offer of the Customers accepted has. A express Explanation vis-à-vis the Customers is not required; this waived to this extent according to § 151 S.1 BGB on it. The Acceptance takes place subject to the Availability the ordered Goods and their Deliverability. Should  it  us not possible its  the Offer  of the Customers  to accept, will  this  in  each  Case  about this informs.


Prices in Catalogs, brochures and Understand price lists itself from our warehouse or from cheap freight located Work. Authoritative are the at Days of the Delivery valid Prices. Change itself the Basics the gesture- and cost of sales like money, work, goods, Transportation, taxes, Price fixing etc., the one reasonable increase the Sales prices justify, change the Prices indicated Accordingly, as far as not special legal regulations this exclude. For Delivery is Place of performance the Departure station, as Place of payment Rosenheim is considered to be agreed.


Shipping takes place general freight collect and uninsured. Special agreements need be made in writing. For Packages the pure Cost price calculated. ( At Online orders in the Flat-rate freight charge include) If the goods are at Desire of the Buyer shipped, so goes the Danger on him about, when the goods are delivered to the Shipping Agent to Order is set, at the latest however with Exit of the work or Warehouse. The danger goes independent thereof about, whether the dispatch from Place of performance from takes place and who Freight charges carries. If the goods are ready for shipment and delayed itself the Dispatch or the acceptance for reasons attributable to the Supplier not at represented has, so the danger goes with the Access the Display the Ready for shipment on the Customer about. The Supplier is available for Storage and Insurance at Costs of the Recipient authorized.


Exceeds the Contractor Delivery dates respectively -times, so is the Customer to Enforcement which then gives him entitled Rights first authorized, when he the Suppliers in writing a appropriate grace period set has. Events higher Violence, Strike, Mobilization and war, Raw material- and Lack of goods or Roadblocks release From the Trade payables. The Contractor is authorized Partial deliveries to make. Claims for damages due to Delivery delay are excluded, as far as us only slight negligence meets. Orders on demand without Appointment are at the latest After expiration of six months to wind up. According to Deadline they are considered Fixed orders at the usual Delivery times and possible price adjustments .in the case of Return not cancelled in time Goods are the created Costs and a Cancellation fee from 25,--in Invoice posed.


We grant on the distributed products within of the EU Economic Area a Warranty of two years, worldwide 1 year. A claim to Warranty exists only against Template the Original supporting documents. Complaints from Weight, Size, Quantity, Texture and other obvious Deficiencies become only then considered, when she within from3 Days to Arrival the Goods at Destination in writing geltend made become Our Warranty obligation goes out When the Operator the thing this not  according to  the  Operating-  and  Maintenance instructions  operates,  not  via  the  from  Legislator  prescribed  Qualification  to  Operation  of the  Device  disposes  to (as far as  it  itself  at  the Delivery at in need of monitoring Attachments does not participate) in any of our compressor technology seminars has and/or interventions or Changes and Modifications have been made. This also applies if to of the thing to the operation or Conversion and to Maintenance none Original parts and other as the recommended Maintenance and Care materials were used or be Einemgeltend warranty claim can to our Choice through Rework or replacement delivery be remedied. If the Review one for the Warranty submitted Product noted, that this  Not defective  is  or  no  Defect  present  the  a  Warranty claim  triggers,  so  become  the Sender respectively  Claimant the Review- and Shipping costs charged. This also applies to accrued Technician Wages as well as Travel and Travel expenses and Trigger. Leads a twice rework not for Remedy of the deficiency, can the customer after his Choice Reduction of the Purchase price or conversion of the matter demand. Warranty claims are only to the immediate Customers at and are not to third parties. About Replaced parts become our property. The execution the Repair work through the Orderer or a third Company without our  Consent  relieves us  the  Replacement Obligation. For the Attention Occupational safety regulations  take over  we regarding  the from us supplied Goods none Warranty. Any more Claim also at Replacement from Consequential damage is excluded. Cancellation the Order or Exchange ordered Correct delivered goods can only at the Goodwill channels take place in each Trap calculate we 15% of the Value of goods as Restocking Cancellation Fee. At Make exchange we until at a Value of goods from 150,-- one Conversion fee from 15,-- plus the incurred freight charges in Invoice. A Mitigation, Conversion or exchange of Used equipment is when the goods are delivered to the Offer corresponds generally excluded, this applies before especially when it itself at Customer equipment deals which we at Order of the Selling customers. The Warranty for Used equipment as well as for Attachments the outside of the EU operated  become  is 1 year. For devices we at Order from Customers sell exist on the part of of the Buyer none Warranty claims against us. Factory Changes the Images and technical Data are not Binding for the Execution. Colors at U. through phototechnical Influences falsified.


The Contractor assumes no liability for the not intended Use of the delivered thing as well as for the equipment necessary for the operation of the in the Industrial Safety Regulation from 01.01.2003 prescribed Enablement of the Buyer or Operator. Also for Failure to obtain possibly prescribed operating licenses can the Contractor not liable made be also results from this no Legal ground to Return or transformation of the supplied Thing. The Liability at Damages, equal off what legal ground, is on intentional or coarse negligent Act limited.


Following Terms of payment apply as far as overleaf nothing otherwise agreed. Payment has for Customer, the ongoing with us in Business connection are optionally per Bank debit at Accounting, per V-check or Bank transfer at the latest to 15 Calendar days from the invoice date without every Deduction at take place, if none other Conditions are agreed. If the Payment later as agreed, keep we us Calculation of interest on arrears from and though 5% above the respective Discount rate the Federal Bank. To us supply unknown orderer we basically against Prepayment or Cash on delivery. Should to Issuance of a Order a retracted Inquiry via  the Wealth ratios do not suffice, the order from us can be rejected, if the purchaser does not pay the value for the goods ensures. Become Payments to our Travelers performed, so apply for us only proprietary Receipts as binding proof of payment. At Grant cash in advance we 2% Cash discount When the Invoice amount 14 Days before Delivery on a credited to our accounts is. At Leasing or Allow funding we us 35,-- per Offer at Calculate the at Occurrence of the Order be reimbursed.


Our Deliveries take place exclusively at Retention of Title, vis-à-vis Full merchants also under extended and extended Retention of Title. The Property goes only then on the Buyer over when he his entire Liabilities from the Already done or from following Deliveries has redeemed. This also applies if the Purchase price for certain from Customer designated deliveries of goods paid is. At running Invoice applies the entire reserved property as Fuse for our Balance Claim. We are entitled to use the at Retention of title supplied Goods at Default of payment of the Debtor to be withdrawn. From a Attachment or any other Impairment our Right through Third must us the buyer immediately Notify. A loading and Processing The goods takes place at Exclusion of the Acquisition of property according to§ 950BGBby order of the supplier. The supplier becomes the owner of the new created Thing. The Customer May the under retention of title of the Supplier standing Goods or the processed product only at proper course of business dispose of. He already occurs today all receivables against the Acquirer from the Resale to the Supplier at Its backup  off. The Customer is to the Move in  the Demand  empowers and obligated as long as  the Supplier this authorization is not revoked. The Supplier   has and acquires   the unrestricted  Lien to to Repair or to Resale  sent in goods  insofar as it has justified claims same which Height against the Shipper or Owner the sent in Goods has...


The respectively valid Foreign trade regulations the Federal Republic Determine Germany at View on cases of the Re-export and of the Resale to Abroad the content of the mutual Rights and Duties from the Contract. A contractual Commitment of the supplier comes in any case first materialize, when at View on the Final destination the corresponding Permits from the responsible Authorities Granted are. The Customer obligates itself, any to Approval required information at grant and for the Approval procedure necessary Documents at own Costs at procure


We Conducted none customer-related Data to Third more and commit us the Privacy the Orderer at protect and their us Posted Data i.S. d. Federal Data Protection Act confidential at treat. It is the Contractor permitted, the Inventory data the Customer anonymous to process in order to the design  of the offered Power as needed customize at can. The Customer can the Processing the Data anytime in writing disagree.


Any change, addition or Cancellation of this GTC's are subject to the Written form requirement. Oral agreements are in each Trap invalid and are only supported by the written Fixation binding. The Suspension the Written form has also in writing at be made. Should any provisions of these GTC's and/or of the contract ineffective be or become, so touches this the Effectiveness the other Provisions not. Rather, instead of each ineffective Determination one that suits the purpose of the Agreement corresponding or at least close Substitute provision, as they are the Parties to Reach of the same economic Result had agreed, when they use the Ineffectiveness the Destination known would have. Corresponding applies to Incompletions. It applies exclusively GERmAn Law. For all current and future claims from the Business connection with Merchants including bill of exchange and Checks receivable is exclusive venue that of the Seller. The same jurisdiction applies when the Buyer no general Jurisdiction at Domestic has, after Conclusion of contract its Residence or habitual residence from the country relocated or its ordinary Residence to the Time of the Action not known is.