TVCP Heavy Duty

the new industrial and marine compressor series from IDE-COMPRESSORS. Powerful, designed for 24/7 performance, low maintenance with significantly increased cooling. The extended intercoolers ensure extremely good cooling even under the most adverse climatic conditions and thus high air delivery performance. Free-flying pistons in the third and fourth compressor stages significantly reduce friction and thus also heat generation. Extremely small design, […]

New model for fire departments

Many small volunteer fire departments would like to have their own breathing air compressor to fill their breathing apparatus themselves. Most of the time this fails due to the space required, the premises and often the high costs for a compressor with the corresponding filling system. IDE-Compressors has developed the solution. The BAVARIA PRO FW with integrated filling bar for direct filling and additional 2 filling hoses. This model can be […]

Test report from the magazine “Tauchen” issue 03 2024 - A PIECE OF INDEPENDENCE…

  ... as a diver you buy something when you buy a mobile breathing air compressor. We tested the NAUTIC PRO 150 model from IDE. My personal dream has always been to be able to fill, empty and refill my two “12s” at any time, regardless of the opening hours of my diving or compressor shop. Just all the rubbish […]

Stainless steel versions for marine applications

The new stainless steel versions for marine applications of the FUN 85, FUN 110 and NAUTIC 150 models can now be ordered via our webshop. High-quality breathing air compressors, with rust-proof frame and stainless steel carrying handles Model: FUN 110 as 85L/Min -1.5 kW 230V 50Hz with Schuko plug as 110L/Min - 2.2kW AC 230V 50 Hz with Schuko plug as 2.2 kW […]

The Compressor Pope | Economy - The IHK magazine for Munich and Upper Bavaria - 01-02/2024

Stephan Adam has made a name for himself with innovative high-pressure compressors, especially for diving, fire services and industry. An entrepreneurial life full of new beginnings. By Harriet Austen If you look at his entrepreneurial career with all its ups and downs, one thing is clear: Stephan Adam, founder and managing director of IDE Compressors eK, has enormous stamina - and enjoys […]

Compressor TCI 310 HB TP

Special model from our showroom New unused, 5 year guarantee Price on request Portable, powerful breathing air compressor in an extremely robust, stable powder-coated fall frame with foldable transport handles, as a system solution for compressing gases, especially breathing air. With its petrol engine and extremely robust frame, this compressor is made for the toughest professional operating conditions. Compressor unit: air liter capacity 350 L/min, 21 […]

Bavaria Fun 2

What takes a long time finally comes to fruition. We are receiving more and more inquiries from North and South America, the Caribbean and the Bahamas for small portable compressors with 115V 60 Hz AC motors. Now we have finally managed to find a European manufacturer who can produce 115V60Hz AC motors in small sizes. From now on our […]

New items in the IDE portfolio

We can now offer you new gas storage bottles made of composite material “composite” for all applications where weight plays an important role. The inner liner is made of aluminum. Volumes of 20 and 50 L are available for an operating pressure of 200 bar. Volumes of 18 and 45 L are available for an operating pressure of 300 bar. The […]


The safety filling station “FILL SAVE 600 K” from IDE with integrated compressor offers maximum safety and comfort - “Unique with built-in compressor” The built-in solid steel chamber guarantees maximum protection in the event of a catastrophic bottle bursting during the filling process. All common breathing devices and diving devices from 150 – 350 bar can be filled. The loading height for the bottles is ergonomic […]

Sports shooting and paintball

“Sports shooters” and “paintballers” are two groups that engage in different forms of shooting sports. Target shooters are typically competitive shooters who participate in precise shooting disciplines that focus on precision and accuracy, such as rifle shooting, pistol shooting, or other forms of shooting sports. On the other hand, the paintball players are part of a tactical team game that is based on fun and tactical [...]


The two IDE Compressors models BAVARIA FUN2 and OCAN 140 are high-pressure compressors that were specifically developed for air and gas treatment. This type of compressor is typically designed for diving, breathing air and technical applications. These two models are designed for use in marine environments, providing a reliable supply of compressed air for […]

AIR QUALITY CERTIFICATES ... and their actual benefits

Monitoring the quality of breathing air, almost every user has experienced the taste of oil in their compressed breathing air. The increased concentration of pollutants usually manifests itself as a headache when breathing for a longer period of time and as a result of dizziness or even loss of consciousness when the concentration of pollutants is higher. Every year there are injuries and deaths due to poisoning around the world, especially in diving. Also CO2, which is incorrectly [...]

Breathing air quality monitoring

The entry for the competition! Almost every user has experienced the taste of oil in the compressed air they breathe. The increased concentration of pollutants usually manifests itself as a headache when breathing for a longer period of time and as a result of dizziness or even loss of consciousness when the concentration of pollutants is higher. Every year there are many injuries and deaths worldwide (especially in diving) due to CO poisoning. […]

The versatility of IDE-COMPRESSORS compressors in the maritime world

Breathing air compressors for divers and fire departments, starting air compressors in shipping, nitrox/nitrogen generators, and other maritime-industrial applications. The leisure market, emergency services and the industrial world are constantly changing and demand modern, reliable, state-of-the-art solutions that meet and exceed current and future requirements for safety, energy efficiency and the environment. Alles […]

The role of compressors in shooting sports: efficiency and precision combined

Shooting is a discipline that requires both precision and concentration. In this context, technological advances play a crucial role in improving shooter performance. One such technological advance that is often overlooked but nonetheless of great importance is compressors. These inconspicuous devices make a significant contribution to ensuring that shooters are in top form […]
Products that nobody needs because they are ineffective and useless

Products that nobody needs - because they are ineffective and useless

At the beginning and during the Corona crisis, many products against the virus sprouted from the ground, which are still available. IDE-Compressors has been dealing very seriously with the subject of air quality for many years and would therefore like to do a little educational work here, since this questionable product is used to fool customers into having a health benefit and […]
Airscrubber CO2 absorber


Efficient cleaning of CO2 from the breathing air The air drawn in by the compressor is passed through the AIRSCRUBBER, which absorbs around 70-75 % of the CO2 contained in the air. In this way, the CO2 content is reduced to around a third to a quarter of the value in the intake air - well below the strict limits of DIN EN [...]

Hepa filters in diving and at the fire brigade

More and more environmental influences such as the COVID 19 pandemic, which has largely been overcome, viruses, pollen, bacteria and fine dust particles are increasingly affecting the lives and health of people worldwide. Many suffer from irritation of the respiratory tract, breathing difficulties and even severe bronchial and lung problems. These are caused by viruses, but also by allergic reactions to pollen, grass and pollutants in the ambient air.

False air quality certificates are increasingly being used to win public tenders

Even market leaders don't shy away from it. When examining such certificates closely, one quickly finds out that these certificates are mostly certificates for DIN EN 12021:2014 written by the manufacturer himself. The DIN EN 12021:2014 is a European standard that clearly prescribes how the breathing air must be […]