Our current COMPETITION: Great prizes for divers and fire departments.

  • Bavaria-Pro

    320 - 850 l/m

    Extremely reliable

     in continuous operation

    Stationary high pressure compressor unit for purest breathing air
    or other gases for preferential use by fire departments
    at home and abroad as well as diving schools and shops.....
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  • TVCS Series

    160 - 380 l/m

    Perfect companion
    in continuous industrial use

    Stationary high-pressure compressor unit configured ready for installation for purest
    Breathing air, air or other gases to the preferred use in fire departments,
    Rescue organizations, industry as well as in diving.....
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  • Air Safe System

    320 - 850 l/m

    Breathing gas and filter
    Real time monitoring

    The digital online monitoring system for the filter and
    Air quality: IDE AirSave is the world's only compressor-installed
    integrated system, which permanently measures the CO, CO2 and
    O2 content, humidity, temperature and dew point measures .....
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NEW: Our Online Shop

The time has come: the IDE online store is online. Here you will find all consumables such as filters, dryer cartridges oils, spare parts and maintenance items for compressors of various manufacturers.

Just click on Shop at the top right of the home page and off you go. Have fun browsing

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Highest quality and continuous further development of our products by implementing innovative ideas using modern technologies help us to achieve worldwide reputation. We consider constant striving for process safety, faultlessness and reliability at all levels of the company to be an integral part of our business. This is what we stand for as IDE Compressors, a manufactory.

IDE Compressors is a family company whose history is characterized by continuous development and technological creativity in its products. IDE is a successful and innovative compressor manufacturer that meets the strict certification criteria of ISO 9001, the Pressure Equipment Directive, and the Operational Safety Directive.

In our opinion, we are right to regard our company as a "manufactory" - a term that stands for manual production to the greatest possible extent, the highest quality, great research and development potential and innovation - the conceptual opposite of large-scale production.

In our we manufacture products for people and organizations who want something special for their invested capital in the highest quality and most modern technology.


We see ourselves now and in the future as a modern, decisive company that is always open to new challenges and to change. We want to develop further through specific product differentiation and constant service presence in related areas, which will ensure the permanent continuity of our family business.

Strategic goals

  • Expanding our Good Name in all the countries in which we operate
  • To increase our sales revenue and profitability through continuous growth
  • To secure our product prices through permanent process optimization
  • To attract the largest possible number of customers and obtain their highest possible level of satisfaction
  • For all dealers and distributors who work with us to be the leading manufacturer
  • To always be a reliably acting, socially oriented and ecologically responsible company