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More and more environmental influences such as viruses, pollen, bacteria and fine dust particles are increasingly affecting people's lives and health. People suffer from irritation of the respiratory tract, breathing difficulties to severe bronchial and lung problems caused by allergic reactions to pollen, grasses and pollutants in the ambient air. The IDE high-pressure HEPA fine dust filter unit made of high-strength stainless steel is used to separate particles from the air, eg viruses, bacteria and toxic, pathogenic or radioactive dust. These pollutants are not filtered out by the standard suction filters and the dryer filters of standard breathing air compressors. Even UV lamps, which are installed in the intake tract of breathing air compressors due to the high flow rate of the air and the resulting ultra-short contact time with the UV light, are no guarantee that the viruses and germs in the intake air will be killed. In addition, these UV light systems do not filter allergy-causing pollen and fine dust, so that they offer no protection against allergic reactions. Just imagine you get an allergic coughing fit at a depth of 30 m!!
The high-pressure HEPA particle filter filters the compressed air after compression up to 430 bar and is installed after the standard dryer filter system. The exchangeable filter inserts guarantee the filtration of particle sizes larger than 0.01 µm. For comparison: the smallest virus is 0.015-0.4 µm in size, a bacterium is 0.3-0.1 µm in size, pollen is usually 20-50 µm in size. It quickly becomes clear that the IDE HEPA Filter is the safest method to filter out the pollutants almost completely (99.98%) from the compressed breathing air.
Delivery including filter insert 0.01um.and mounting bracket

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