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IDE FUN MARINE ET 200 bar breathing air compressor


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Portable breathing air compressor as a marine version for 200 bar, stable STAINLESS STEEL frame, powder-coated, with powder-coated stainless steel transport handles.
AUTO-STOP included as standard when the final pressure is reached.
Air liter capacity 100 L/Min, 6 m³h, 3.55 cfm.
3-cylinder, 3-stage compressor block, 1st-2nd-3rd stage with safety valve. Aluminum cylinders, some with gray cast iron liners, aluminum pistons with special piston rings for a long service life, free-floating pistons in the last stage. 2 condensate separators with vent valve, oil slinger safety lubrication. Micronic intake filter, final pressure gauge. 1 filling connection DIN 200 bar with ventilation at 1.2 mtr. Hose. Triple+ clean dryer system FT 100 for approx. 130 m³ of clean air according to DIN 12021:2014. (provided the value for CO2 in the intake air corresponds to the limit values)
Optionally with Airsave Basic filter saturation and service interval monitoring.
Driven by V-belt: connecting cable 2m, three-phase motor 2.2 kW, 400V, 50/60 Hz, noise development approx. 79 dbA..
Supplied with: Triple+ dryer cartridge FT 100, compressor oil, operator's manual, parts manual.
Dimensions/weights: LxWxH 71x 41x 40, 50 kg.
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Weight 50,00 kg