IDE Airsave Ultimate GD test case- with Oil Guard


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Portable test case for mobile and stationary measurement of breathing air from filling systems and compressors in accordance with DIN EN 12021:2014.
Measurement of the compressed air after the filter of CO, CO2, O2, water in mg/m³, the temperature, the saturation of the dryer cartridge (for IDE compressors with Airsave Presec Securus dryer cartridges).
Additional Airsave OILGUARD measuring unit for residual oil, measures both in gaseous form and residual oils in aerosol form (droplets) with an alarm threshold of 0.1 mg/m³ or 0.5 mg/m³ preset according to customer requirements

Attention: OILGUARD is not a simple "VOC" measurement that does not meet the requirements of DIN EN 12021:2014.
Optional measurements: NO or NO2 and SO2 as well as additional sensors for the intake air CO2, temperature and combustible gases.
All variants ensure the appropriate control of the compressor (for third-party systems with the appropriate technical requirements).
Operation and display via 7 inch touch screen.
Storage of the measured values, retrieval via a USB or LAN interface as a CSV file.
 incl. Connection hose with adapter for bottles and compressor (DIN477 G5/8)
Case: extra strong, impact-resistant TTX01® polypropylene case, acid-proof, scratch-proof, waterproof, dust-proof and light-proof, high impact resistance.
Self-regulating membrane for automatic pressure equalization (e.g. in an airplane).
External dimensions: 54.5x22x43.5 cm, weight: 9.5 kg

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