IDE Compressors



For 23 years now, IDE Compressors - as a technology leader in compressor-integrated air monitoring - has been supplying state-of-the-art, reliable compressors for diving.

Whether small, portable compressors for your hobby, larger transportable units for professional safari use on land and water, or powerful, energy-efficient units for use in diving schools and busy dive centers: IDE has the right unit.

From now on, we also permanently measure the residual oil content in the compressed air. A quantum leap! Filling stations with Airsave Ultimate together with an Airscrubber CO² prefilter guarantee compliance with the most important parameters (O2-CO2-CO humidity) of DIN EN 12021 and other int. standards. IDE defines the state of the art with its integrated air monitoring the Airsave Ultimate.

Preferred compressors
Preferred accessories
  • Bavaria Fun 2
  • Bavaria Pro
  • TVCO Semisilent
  • TVCS Silent
  • Airsave Pro E
  • Airsave ULTIMATE
  • Filling ramps
  • Storage batteries
  • FILLSAVE 600 (safety filling box)
  • Nitrox membrane systems
  • Priority Fill,(Priority Fill Control)
  • HMI (Compressor Control)
  • Airscrubber (CO2 scrubber)