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A novelty: FILL-CONTROL, the new, fully automatic safety filling system control. The new Industrial Safety Regulation has been in force since June 2015. This places many new and strict requirements on the operators of a breathing air filling system and the filling personnel.

Above all, the recording of various data before filling is newly regulated. FILL-CONTROL ensures that this is done completely automatically and that the operator and filling personnel are not exposed to any liability risk.


Writing down the required information is an onerous duty and safety measure that is often forgotten in a hurry or even considered unnecessary. However, if a filling accident then occurs, in addition to the health and/or material damage for the operator of the compressor unit, this can also have considerable consequences under liability law and/or insurance law, as failure to record the required data can be interpreted as intent.

For this reason, IDE-Compressors Manufaktur was the first manufacturer to develop the new FILL-CONTROL. All relevant data is recorded automatically and the breathing air devices can only be filled if all this data is recorded. The repressurization of already prefilled breathing apparatus is carried out with the FILL-CONTROL within the prescribed permitted limits.

Overheating of the breathing apparatus during the filling process is not possible, as the temperature is permanently monitored during the filling process by high-precision infrared sensors, which control the filling speed.

With FILL-CONTROL and the new air quality monitoring system AIRSAVE ULTIMATE IDE-Compressors Manufaktur has redefined the state of the art, offering the best possible operational safety for operators, the highest possible comfort for filling personnel, and maximum protection for people and materials.

The liability risks are reduced by using the IDE FILL-CONTROL in combination with the AIRSAVE ULTIMATE largely excluded.

By the way: IDE offers a 5-year full warranty for IDE stainless steel filling valves.