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Portable, powerful breathing air compressor in an extremely robust, stable powder-coated frame with foldable transport handles, as a system solution for compressing gases, especially breathing air. With its petrol engine and extremely robust frame, this compressor is made for the toughest professional operating conditions.
Semi-Silent Professional High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor,
noise-reduced version 84 dbA (also available as a tropical version).

Made from 5 mm thick welded U-shaped steel profiles, panels and covers made from bent sheet steel. Color: RAL 9007 + 9005 medium structure. Rubber vibration dampeners, foldable carrying handles.
The compressor and drive motor are each vibration decoupled.

Optionally with driving set (2 wheels steerable with brake, 2 wheels not steerable.

Technical data compressor unit:
Air liter output: 320 l/min = 19.2m³ - 11.3 CFM
maximum working pressure: 360 bar
Revolutions / Min. 1580
Compressor block, completely made of aluminum with aluminum cylinders.
Safety valves after each compressor stage.
Type-tested and TÜV-tested ultimate pressure safety valve,
Robust rolling bearings (not ball bearings),
Cylinder liners made of aluminum with NICASIL coating.
3rd compressor stage with free-flight pistons and special piston rings
Intercooler lines made from special stainless steel alloys
Micronic intake filter
Cylinder arrangement: W shape
Intermediate separator 1, final separator 1
Safety valves for each compression level
 Sling pin lubrication with two counter-rotating oil sling pins, oil quantity 2 liters

Air-gas treatment:
Micronic intake air filter, intermediate separator after 1st, 2nd and 3rd compressor stage, 5 liter collecting container.
FT 410 three-stage breathing air dryer system, dryer capacity approx. 1200 m³ at 20° C filter wall temperature.
The dryer saturation is monitored using Airsave PRO E, a moisture sensor integrated into the filter cartridge for dryer cartridge monitoring in the dryer housing.
Optionally, the air quality can be monitored using AIRSAVE ULTIMATE, a monitoring system integrated into the compressor for dryer cartridge monitoring in the dryer housing, absolute humidity in mg/m³, dew point, CO content, CO² content and O² content of the compressed gas and controls the compressor.
IDE HMI- High Efficient, Control
Monitor. u taxes. the final pressure, which can be infinitely adjusted on the display,
Control and monitoring of the automatic condensate drain system,
the level of the lubricating oil in the crankcase
Control and monitoring of the star/delta motor control,
Optional monitoring of the breathing air dryer cartridge change intervals with shutdown
Monitoring the amps during operation to avoid damage to the system
the direction of rotation (phase sequence)
optional - control and monitoring through AIRSAVE ULTIMATE air quality monitoring,
Asynchronous three-phase motor IE3 400 V, 50 Hz, 5.5 kW, B3 IP 55, taper drive belt pulley with SPA V-belt.
Filling system:
2 filling hoses with ventable safety filling connections DIN 300 bar, optionally with attached filling ramp with 6 direct or optional hose connections.
Accessories included:
Dryer housing key, detailed operating manual, parts manual, compressor logbook, compressor filling book, declaration of conformity,
Certificates for safety valves, hoses, separators, dryer unit, air quality and leak testing,
Dryer cartridges 1 x FT 410 A
Dimensions: LWH 135 x 55 x 74 cm, weight approx. 195 kg.


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