Demonstration device, TSI 320-HMI-AIRSAVE ULTIMATE a main air outlet


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Demonstration device 38 operating hours full guarantee
Model TSI 320-HMI-AIRSAVE ULTIMATE with a main air outlet
For use in fire stations or diving schools and the model par excellence. Thanks to its powder-coated steel frame. Thanks to a sophisticated, highly efficient cooling air flow, the low-noise high-pressure compressor achieves optimal cooling without annoying noises. It is also suitable for countries with high ambient temperatures (- max. 46 ° C). To ensure operational safety, optimal air quality and optimal comfort.
√ Cylinder made of aluminum with NICASIL coating resulting in extreme heat dissipation and more efficiency.
Optimum performance values due to intercooler made of stainless steel.
Service and contract partner with spare parts supply around the globe.
Extensive training and education offerings for your technical education and training.
Breathing air in accordance with DIN EN 12021 and all international standards, when used as intended and maintained according to the manual.
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