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Compressor BAVARIA Pro FW 320 L/Min, 200/ 300 bar


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Portable 200/300 bar fire service breathing air compressor, in a stable frame, powder-coated with foldable transport handles.
Equipped with a filling ramp with 3 direct connections to automatically venting valves and 2 additional 1.30m filling hoses.
Optionally, these filling hoses can also be equipped with a 225 bar filling adapter. Air liter capacity 320 L/min, 15.9 m³/h, 9.36 cfm, 225/330 bar. 3-stage compressor block, each stage with safety valve, aluminum cylinder with highly abrasion-resistant NICASIL coated liners, pistons with special piston rings, stainless steel intercooler, lubrication with low-pressure oil pump), and additional centrifugal pin lubrication. The pistons of the 2nd and 3rd stages work as free-flying pistons, Micronic intake filter, final pressure gauge, pressure holding valve, check valve, AutoStop when the final pressure is reached, automatic time-controlled condensate drainage with collection canister.
Triple-Plus pure dryer system FT 410 for approx. 1200 m³ (@20°C), pure air according to DIN EN 12021:2014, (with appropriate intake air with approved CO2 content) pressure retaining valve for longer cartridge life.
Optional: AIRSAVE PRO E (sensor-controlled dryer cartridge saturation monitoring)
Drive by means of V-belt:
Alternating current 5.5 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, noise development approx. 84 dbA in 1.5 mtr. Distance. 
Bavaria high-end control. Start-stop button, emergency stop mushroom button, indicator lights for operation, automatic condensate drainage with collection canister, automatic end pressure switch-off, hour meter. Included:
1x dryer cartridge FT 410, compressor oil, detailed manual, parts manual, compressor logbook, filling book and certificates. Optionally available for an additional charge:
Filling adapter 225 bar or
2. pressure range for simultaneous filling, additional filling hoses (max. 4 pieces possible),
Dimensions: 122 x 65 x 80 cm, weight: approx. 179 kg. 
"5 year European guarantee, you won't find anything comparable" 

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